Metal Detox

L'Oreal Serie Expert Metal Detox is the first detoxifying haircare range developed after seven years of research to neutralize metal deposits within the hair fiber. It addresses a frequently encountered problem even in strong and healthy hair, which is the metal inside the hair fiber. Metal particles build up in the hair fiber at varying levels depending on hair porosity, water quality where we live, and pipe erosion at home or in salons. These metal deposits risk hair breakage and can be your worst nightmare when interacting with the oxidant during the color, balayage, and bleaching process, causing a less reliable color result. The 9-patent breakthrough technology Metal Detox is enriched with Glicoamine, a new and patented molecule, small enough to penetrate the hair's deepest fibers and eliminate metal particles by exploiting its chelating ability to bond with them even when they are thinly spread. It detoxes the attracted metal deposits in hair, delivering 100% reliable and pure color results with 87% less breakage. Metal Detox is a professional system, and it's compatible with all color and lightener brands. It consists of (1)Pre-Treatment that neutralizes metal before any color service, (2)Sulfate-Free Cleansing Shampoo that removes metal from the hair after the color service, (3)Conditioner that protects the fiber from particle deposits, and (4)Conditioning Mask that protects the hair fiber from new metal particles coming back. Before performing any color service, this revolutionary haircare range is a "must use" for anyone!